An old man in his 70s who touched a woman’s thigh for the first time on the street in Daegu

 A man in his 70s who molested and assaulted a woman on a street in Daegu was fined.

According to the legal community on the 27th, the Daegu District Court sentenced man A, who was charged with indecent assault and injury, to a fine of 3 million won.

Mr. A is accused of touching the thigh of a woman in her 30s who came across while walking with her hands behind her back on a road in Daegu on the evening of June last year.

The victim immediately turned around and called “her grandfather,” but Mr. A raised her arms, waved her hand, and just went. The victim immediately reported it to the police and pursued Mr. A.

Mr. A hit the victim’s arm several times with the mobile phone she was holding while shaking먹튀검증 off her victim’s arm as her victim chased her and grabbed her arm.

Her victim suffered two weeks of total injuries, including bruises and bruises to both her shoulders and upper arms.

Mr. A, who was caught by the police, denied the charges against her despite clear CCTV footage of her. He insisted that “she just bumped into the victim’s arm while walking and did not molest her,” and that “the victim is innocent.”

She also denied the allegations of injury to her, saying she “did not have a cell phone with her at the time” and that “the victim grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away, but she did not cause any harm.” .

Mr. A was summarily indicted on charges of indecent assault and injury to her and received a summary order from the court, but she objected to it and requested a formal trial for her.

The court criticized, “In a situation where the victim felt considerable sexual discomfort due to the crime of indecent assault, Mr. A repeatedly made excuses that were difficult to understand and did not reflect on his wrongdoing at all.”

Then, it was judged, “Although Mr. A is an old man, in poor health and in difficult economic circumstances, there is no reason to change the sentence of the summary order only with such circumstances.”

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