“National blood tax, stop if you don’t return it?”… Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Illegal Supply 15.3 billion won

Over the past 5 years and 6 months, the amount of illicit receipts from industrial accident compensation insurance exceeded 15 billion won.

According to the data submitted by the Labor Welfare Corporation on the 28th by Rep. Lee Ju-hwan of the National Assembly Environment and Labor Committee, the amount of illegal benefits received from industrial accident compensation insurance from 2018 to June of this year is 15.316 billion won (1680 cases).

By year, 2.581 billion won in 2018, 5.911 billion won in 2019, 3.217 billion won in 2020, 1.51 billion won in 2021, 1.338 billion won last year, January to June 7 this year 6.7 billion won.

In some cases, Mr. A visited her partner’s house and got into an accident, and then manipulated it as if she had suffered an industrial accident while preparing for work, and received compensation.

Mr. B was judged to have a disability grade 3 due to an accident falling from a ladder while working and received appropriate compensation from industrial accident compensation insurance. However, it turned out that he exaggerated the extent of his injuries under the direction of a broker.

If it is confirmed that the insurance money has been received in a false or먹튀검증 other fraudulent way, the government collects twice the amount of illegal benefits in accordance with the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act.

Excluding the amount for which the decision to collect was canceled as a result of the lawsuit, the amount decided to collect for 5 years and 6 months is 29.97 billion won.

However, the amount of redemption was only 5.752 billion won. The non-recovery rate reached 80.8% (24.155 billion won).

Rep. Lee pointed out such a high non-recovery rate and emphasized, “Special measures are needed to prevent the spread of the perception that people’s blood tax is stolen falsely and it is enough if they do not return it even if they are caught.”

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