Han Dong-hoon refuses to disclose, saying, “It harms the national interest”… Court “Disclose details of travel expenses to the US”

On the 24th, the court ruled that Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon먹튀검증 (pictured) should disclose the details of travel expenses to the United States last year.

The 12th Administrative Division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Judge Jeong Yong-seok) ruled in favor of Attorney Ha Seung-soo (co-representative of Catch Tax Thieves) against the Ministry of Justice in a lawsuit to revoke the disposition of refusal to disclose information.

Minister Han made a nine-day business trip to the United States from June 29 to July 7 of last year to discuss ways to establish cooperation and cooperation between the Korean and US judicial agencies.

Attorney Ha filed a request for disclosure of information to the Ministry of Justice, asking the Ministry of Justice to disclose the details of the execution of Minister Han’s travel expenses of 48 million won to the United States and the documents proving the expenditure. However, the Ministry of Justice refused to disclose it, saying, “If disclosed as a matter related to national security and diplomatic relations, there is a risk of significantly harming the country’s vital interests.”

Attorney Ha said, “How much did you spend on the plane ticket, where did you eat, how much did you eat, and how much did you pay for sleeping in a hotel? If you are proud, why can’t you disclose it?”, he filed a lawsuit in November of last year. The court judged that the reason for the non-disclosure of the Ministry of Justice was not justified.

Some pointed out that it was inefficient and immature, citing the fact that Minister Han had no schedule for three days out of nine days he went on a business trip.

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