“Wow”… “Did you visit the police station?”

The attitude of Yoon-jong Choi (30, arrested), a suspect in the ‘Sillim-dong Hiking Trail Sexual Assault Murder Case’, as he left the police station to be sent to the prosecution on the 25th, is incensed by netizens. According to a video released by MBC that

day, Choi Yoon-jong said, “Wow,” when he saw the reporters gathered as먹튀검증 he left the Gwanak Police Station in Seoul at 7 am. Then, Choi Yoon-jong said, “accidentally,” as if preparing an answer to the reporter’s question, “Why did you commit the crime?” ‘You did it accidentally?’ When asked again, he briefly replied, “Stop it without me knowing.” Then, when asked, ‘Did you intend to kill him from the beginning?’ Netizens commented on Choi Yoon-jong’s attitude, “He appears like a kid on a tour of a police station”, “He seems to be enjoying this situation”, “There is no sign of remorse at all”, “It was accidental, did you prepare a knuckle?” I heard there is a record, but it was accidental?” On this day, when asked by reporters, “Since when did you plan to commit the crime?” Choi Yoon-jong did not deny it and replied, “I’m not sure about that.”

On the morning of the 17th, he was arrested on charges of raping, beating, and strangling a victim (rape and murder under the Punishment of Sexual Violence Act) on a hiking trail connected to a park in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu.

In particular, it was investigated that he assaulted the victim with metal knuckles purchased in April on both hands. The victim died on the afternoon of the 19th, two days later.

Choi Yoon-jong, who admitted to the sexual assault charge at the beginning of the investigation but insisted that there was no intent to kill, reversed his statement on the 19th, saying, “I strangled the victim.”

According to Choi Yoon-jong’s Sexual Violence Punishment Act, if he is found guilty of murder such as rape, he can be punished with the death penalty or life imprisonment.

In addition, as a result of police analysis of Choi Yoon-jong’s cell phone and computer usage records, it was confirmed that he read articles related to ‘knuckle’, ‘sexual assault’, ‘murder’ and ‘murder notice’. On the portal site, records of searching for ‘knuckle’ and ‘indecent performance crime’ were also revealed.

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