Democracy enforces ‘early termination’ of the National Assembly in August…

Amid the observation that the prosecution will seek an arrest warrant sooner or later by tying up the case related to Lee Jae-myeong, the Democratic Party single-handedly handled the agenda to end the August extraordinary session of the National Assembly early tomorrow (25th).

The power of the people strongly protested that it was a trick to ‘cut the session’ to avoid voting on the motion for the arrest of CEO Lee Jae-myung.

Reporter Kim Kyung-soo reports.

The last plenary session of the extraordinary National Assembly in August was not smooth from the start.

When the Democratic Party started to deal with the agenda to set the end date of the National Assembly session in August, the people’s strength strongly protested.

The ruling party criticized that ending the court session, which is until the end of the month, early without agreement is a trick for CEO Lee Jae-myung.

However, the Democratic Party refuted that a non-sessional period is needed to immediately receive a warrant review without the privilege of non-arrest, as President Lee has declared. [Lee Yang- soo / Member

of the People’s Power: It is a trick to avoid voting on the motion for arrest in line with the party representative’s request, and it is just a justification for rejecting it later.]

Because we are going ahead, our 1st opposition party has no choice but to do this… .]

In the midst of a tense nerve war, the ‘majority’ Democratic Party’s agenda to end the session on the 25th has crossed the threshold of the plenary session.

The power of the people said that National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo, from the Democratic Party, also helped the Democratic Party with the agenda, and set the day that the people would judge.

[Yoon Jae-ok / Representative of the People’s Power: Cooperating with the Democratic Party’s cut off session broke the long-standing tradition of the National Assembly, and I strongly protested that it should not be.

] The aftermath of the spirit fight continued.

The ruling party raised the suspicion that Lee ordered public officials to buy ‘Japanese shampoo’ when he was governor of Gyeonggi Province, and criticized it as a privileged consciousness to be investigated by the prosecution at will.

[Jang Dong-hyuk / People’s Power Spokesperson: Lee Jae-myeong requested emperor-level treatment. Ignoring the schedule notified by the prosecution, I will go to the prosecution today and ask for an investigation.] The

Democratic Party’s refusal of the prosecution’s request for representative Lee to먹튀검증 appear immediately is to delay the request for a warrant until the regular National Assembly, putting a bulletproof frame on it. I accepted that it was my intention.

[Park Chan-dae / Member of the Democratic Party of Korea: (The prosecution) is not confident in saying ‘come out on the 30th’ . I think he may have shown his will not to request a warrant during the non-sessional period.]

Representative Lee Jae-myung also raised the level of opposition, saying that the prosecution is abusing state power and doing political work.

[Lee Jae-myung / Representative of the Democratic Party: He said that he had been investigating for two years and said that he was not ready yet. He’s really writing a novel with absurd stories… .]

Even if the National Assembly ends early in August, it is ultimately up to the prosecution when to request an arrest warrant for CEO Lee Jae-myung.

If the period of the regular National Assembly, which lasts from September to the end of the year, becomes an option, a vote on the motion for arrest is inevitable, and another wave of political influence is expected.

This is YTN Kim Kyung-soo.

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