“Kim Yeon-kyung, in the midst of being busy…” The current situation after the twin sister ‘exposure war’

A story was told that volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance) gifted토토사이트 drinks to students at her alma mater while being publicly shot by twin sisters Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young, who were released from Korea due to the ‘academic violence controversy’.

On the 22nd, Hanbom High School said on the official social network service ( SNS ), “A graduate of Hanbom High School, Kim Yeon-kyung gave a drink to Hanbom High School students.” revealed

Hanbom High School released a picture of the drink that Kim Yeon-kyung is working as an advertising model, along with a picture of students holding a drink and expressing their gratitude to Kim Yeon-kyung.

Previously, Lee Da-young posted on her Instagram on the 19th, “(Kim Yeon-kyung) has lived with swearing in her mouth since before. Bullying is standard, and in front of the national team members, they treated me as a bar girl and told me to leave because I looked cheap. They cursed at me and made it difficult for me to come back.”

Lee Da-young’s twin sister Lee Jae-young also made an argument to the effect that in an interview with ‘The Spike’, a volleyball media outlet on the 18th, “In the past, she had a hard time with Lee Da-young because of Kim Yeon-kyung, and even tried her extreme choice.” .

However, Kim Yeon-kyung has foretold a hard-line response to the successive revelations of the sisters Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young.

On the 16th, Kim Yeon-kyung’s agency, Ryanat, said, “We will respond strongly to press releases and YouTubers that are maliciously written and distributed about Kim Yeon-kyung.”

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