Suspicious man wearing a helmet and uniform with a wooden sword… Police questioned ‘assault’

A man in his 30s who was walking around a subway station with a wooden sword먹튀검증 while wearing a uniform and helmet assaulted a dispatched police officer and even damaged a patrol car before being caught by the police.

The Incheon Yeonsu Police Station announced on the 21st that it had booked Mr. A in his 30s on charges of obstruction of justice and damage to public property.

Mr. A is accused of assaulting two police officers with fists and feet after receiving a report while walking around Sinyeonsu Station in Seonhak-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon at around 0:20 am the previous day.

He is also accused of vandalizing a patrol car and possessing a weapon other than a wooden sword while being arrested.

Wearing a kendo uniform and bicycle helmet, he also damaged a patrol car while being taken to the police station. After arresting Mr. A as a red-handed criminal, the police found an additional weapon in his bag while searching his belongings.

The police believed that Mr. A had a mental illness and, considering the possibility of recidivism, obtained the consent of Mr. A and took him to an emergency hospital in a mental hospital.

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