In the car driven by the substitute driver… A man in his 30s who committed a sexual offense

A man in his 30s who committed a sex crime after drinking with a woman he met먹튀검증 for the first time through a friend was sentenced to prison in the first trial and arrested in court.

On the 21st, the 1st Criminal Division of the Cheonan Branch of the Daejeon District Court (Chief Judge Jeon Kyung-ho) sentenced A (34), who was indicted without detention for similar rape, to 1 year and 10 months in prison and put him in court. He was also ordered to attend a 40-hour sexual assault treatment program.

In October 2018, Mr. A was handed over to trial for similarly raping a woman in his car driven by a surrogate driver after drinking with a woman he met for the first time through the introduction of her friend.

Mr. A continued to contact the victim who did not want to be contacted after the crime, and was sued by the victim.

It is known that Mr. A denied the crime, claiming that there was physical contact under consensual agreement, and that the victim was suing her for financial gain.

The judge pointed out, “The attitude of making fun of the victim by consistently making excuses without a sincere apology or reflection on the victim is highly likely to be criticized.”

“The quality of the crime committed against the first victim is not light. He admitted his mistake in court, but he had a history of being sentenced to probation for a similar crime.”

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