To save my wife, to save my mother… Father and son who cut liver

The story of a father, a retired police officer, and his son, who each removed a liver from his wife and mother suffering from autoimmune cirrhosis, is known.

Seo Gyu-byung (69) and son Hyeon-seok (40), who live in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, performed surgery to transplant one of their livers to his wife and mother Ko Myung-ja (68) at Asan Medical Center on the 25th of last month. did.

Previously, Mr. Ko had been receiving treatment for a disease since 10 years ago, but was diagnosed that treatment was no longer possible due to side effects due to long-term medication.

His husband, Mr. Seo, thought that he should at least take his liver away, and persuaded the hospital staff for several months.

However, the medical team could not easily allow Seo to operate. Because of her advanced age, she could be put in a dangerous situation during the surgery.

Her husband, Mr. Seo, said, “Because I am also an elderly person, the hospital refused to do a liver transplant because it was dangerous. Still, this was the only way to save her wife.”

His son, Hyeon-seok, was also in a situation that was not up to the level of restraint of general donors.

In the end, the father and son decided to take a part of their liver and give it to Mr. Ko in a ‘2:1 transplant’ method, in which livers are received from two donors and transplanted

The surgery, which took a long time, was successfully completed, but even after that, tension continued.

Her husband, Mr. Seo, woke up two and a half hours later than her son because of his considerable age.

Koh’s recovery was also delayed, and she had to continue living in the intensive care unit for three weeks. Fortunately, Ms. Ko’s health gradually recovered, and her father-in-law was only relieved after seeing her move to a normal hospital room먹튀검증.

Ko wrote handwriting to her husband and son while unable to speak due to a tracheotomy.

He said on the whiteboard, “I’m touching it once a day because I gave you a precious liver.” “I’m sorry, my son’s mother. She wrote, “Let’s eat well and live happily with our family.”

Family means a lot to them. In particular, the first son miraculously survived after being diagnosed with heart valve disease that cannot be cured by modern medicine because there is no medicine to treat it.

On the other hand, these father and son are also the sons and grandsons of their grandfather Seo Seong-seop, who defended their country during the independence movement and the Korean War.

Grandpa Seo had to leave his hometown and flee when he was discovered by Japanese police officers while secretly planting the national flower, Mugunghwa, with a friend in a pond at Sokcho Elementary School in Dong-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do.

During the Korean War, he served as a platoon commander and died while defending his country in the Battle of Sammachi, Hongcheon. He is currently buried in the National Cemetery.

His father, Gyu-byung, did not spare himself as a front-line detective during his tenure as a police officer. After retirement, he worked under Lee Joong-geun, chairman of the Booyoung Group, and had to leave his job for this transplant operation.

His son, Hyun-seok, was also a good younger brother to his older brother who had lived with a disability all his life, and was known as a good filial son to his parents.

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