Sillim-dong sexual assault offender “purchased a knuckle for the crime”

It was found that a man in his 30s who beat and sexually assaulted a woman he had never seen before in a hill connected to a park in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, took aim at the fact that there was no CCTV . The knuckle used as a crime tool was also found to have been pre-purchased for the purpose of rape. Prime Minister Han Deok-soo urgently ordered the police to먹튀검증 strengthen on-site security activities in relation to the incident. The Gwanak Police Station said on the 18th that a suspect in the Sillim-dong sexual assault case, Mr. Choi (30), testified

that he had visited the scene of the incident often and knew that there was no CCTV , so he decided to commit the crime. Mr. Choi is known to have stated, “The crime scene was close to my house, so I often visited it for exercise, and the victim found it while walking on a hiking trail.”

Mr. Choi was arrested on charges of rape and injury the day before by beating and sexually assaulting a woman he had never seen on a hillside trail connected to a park in Sillim-dong. The victim was taken to the hospital immediately after being found, but was reported to be in an unconscious state.

Choi was confirmed to have said during police interrogation that “she did it because she wanted to rape her.” Regarding the knuckle used as a tool for the crime, it is reported that he stated, “I bought it on the Internet in April for the purpose of rape, and after wearing the knuckle on both hands, I assaulted the victim.” A knuckle is a blunt instrument made of metal that is worn on the knuckles like a ring. Choi’s mobile phone and two knuckles were found at the scene of the crime.

According to the police, Mr. Choi does not have a regular job and is currently living with his parents. Choi’s family is known to have stated, “(Choi) has been treated at the hospital for depression, but has not received treatment.” The police are planning to verify the facts through medical records.

A police official said, “We are investigating the details of the crime and the route of movement, and we are tracking Mr. Choi’s recent activities by securing his cell phone and Internet search records.”

In an emergency order, Prime Minister Han said, “Recently, a series of ‘don’t ask crimes’ have occurred and the National Police Agency is carrying out special security activities indefinitely, and people’s anxiety continues as violent crimes reoccur in spaces where daily life takes place.” pointed out At the same time, the Commissioner General ordered, “Concentrate on crime prevention by significantly strengthening patrols in areas frequently used by citizens, such as 112 reports and violent crimes, parks and trails.”

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon also visited the Sillim-dong park area and said, “I feel responsible for the unexpected crimes that keep happening . ” He added, “I plan to create and operate a special task force ( TF ) so that a series of recent incidents can be reduced as much as possible.”

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