Will the ‘invisible man’ become a reality? Succeeded in making ‘transparent mouse’

The invisible man is no longer only in fantasy movies. German researchers have succeeded in developing a technology to create a ‘transparent mouse’.

According to a recent British BBC report, researchers at the Helmholtz먹튀검증 Munich Institute in Germany have developed a solution that makes skin as well as all bones, nerves and organs in the body transparent.

The industry expects that this technology will speed up development in the field of disease research as well as new drug testing because it can see inside the body.

Professor Ali Ertürk explained, “Dehydration and fat removal are achieved through solution treatment. It is like changing milk into water.”

The researchers said they succeeded in observing early cancer at the cellular level, which cannot be seen with MRI . Prior to the development of the solution, this was possible only by slicing and staining body tissues and observing them under a microscope.

Until now, this technology has been applied only to dead animal carcasses, but recently the research is expanding to understanding the microstructure of human organs and tissues. It also aims to ‘make the human body transparent’.

The research team predicted that if they could look into the brain of a living person, they would be able to diagnose brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

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