Why are Gen Z enthusiastic about ‘Y2K’… “It’s as new as it is unfamiliar, so hip”

 There is still a trend as hot as the midsummer heat wave. It is ‘ Y2K ‘ that has not cooled down for several years .

Y2K is a compound word made by taking Y of Year and K from Kilo, which means 1000 . It is a word that refers to the year 2000. From cargo pants, which were synonymous with worst fashion, to vintage digital cameras that can only be obtained in the used market, to limited edition key rings that brighten backpacks, Y2K has become the center of recent trends.

On the 12th, according to the fashion second-hand trading app Lightning Market, someone might think, ‘When will the Y2K trend end?’, but the potential of a trend armed with memories is still limitless. In the first half of this year, the search volume for ‘retro’ increased by 18% compared to the same period last year. ‘ Y2K ‘ searches increased by 487%. It is analyzed that the trend is continuing in that the

popping colors are good for expressing individuality, and there are items that go well with each season, so you can decorate with a ‘Y2K feel’ anytime from spring to winter. Y2K is a ‘revived memory’ for millennials, but the fact that it is the ‘newest’ format for Gen Z is also a factor in its popularity. so-called hiptrendy and cool).

Y2K isn’t just an item, it’s a style that’s hitting right now. The Y2K craze is blowing in music as well . The most successful one to settle into the boom of the 1990s was ‘Candy’, a remake of HOT ‘s original song by NCT ​​DREAM . From face painting to large gloves, faithful reproduction and fresh interpretation were shown at the same time. Candy, which was sung as a group by Generation Z from 1999 to 2002, brought a craze for related costumes to the Lightning Market.

From immediately after school starts to before vacation, keywords related to graduation photo rentals such as ‘graduation photo candy’ and ‘graduation photo Y2K’ consistently ranked high on the popular search term charts in the Lightning Market.

The protagonist of the retro trend that dominates everyday fashion is ‘cargo pants먹튀검증‘. Cargo pants, which were synonymous with rusticity, increased by 44% in searches in the first half of the year compared to the same period last year. He maintains his style by wearing a crop top that fits coolly as a top.

He holds a ‘digital camera’ in his hand. Digital cameras and camcorders are Y2KIt is emerging as another core of the trend. Compared to the previous year, digital camera search volume increased by 94% and camcorder search volume increased by 81%. I am often tired of clear high-definition, so I am looking for a low-definition sensibility. Vlogs that deliberately edit everyday videos in low quality to feel ‘that time’ are also popular.

The reason for the increase in search volume is that these items, which are not the latest DSLRs or mirrorless, are literally ‘can’t buy because they are not used’ unless they are used. Vintage digital cameras that have been discontinued for a long time, let alone released, are of course not available in the used market.

If you’re dressed up and have a camera in your hand, you’ll need a bag. The most popular bag these days is the backpack, whose search volume increased by 77% in the first half of this year compared to last year. The backpack boom is also in line with the Y2K craze. Familiar brands such as JanSport and Eastpack, which were thought only of school bags for students in the 1990s, have taken on the retro sensation and have become full-fledged fashion items these days. The core of

Y2K is ‘personality expression’. Not only is it easy to see with its generous size, but it also contributes to the fact that it is easy to attach a keyring to a ring here and there. The final key to making your own bag is the key ring. Keyring search volume increased by 70% compared to the previous year.

In the case of a keyring, a small and cute item that can serve as a faithful point without being too burdensome while revealing my taste as it is is attracting attention. The search volume for Cute Joke Bear increased by 150%, and Chiikawa, known in Korea as a ‘distant ghost’, soared by 642%.

I can’t sell Mo Nam-hee because I don’t even have a doll. In the first half of this year, search volume increased by 360,815% compared to the same period last year. In the first half of last year, the number of searches was less than 40, but this year, the number of searches reached a whopping 150,000. All processes from pattern to sewing and subsidiary material work are done by hand. Quantities are limited and often sold out.

An industry insider said, “The new Y2K trend, which seems unfamiliar, brings newness and interest to Generation Z. The colorful styling and bold colors that are characteristic of Y2K fashion match the values ​​of Generation Z who pursue freedom and individuality.” is expected to continue in the future,” he said.

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