KEPCO wrote a pledge to “do not do solar power business”…At least 180 people were audited

Recently, there was a case where all KEPCO employees signed a pledge saying, “I will not do solar power business.”

However, as a result of YTN’s coverage, it was found that more than 180 KEPCO employees have already been audited in relation to the solar power business.

This is reporter Choi Ki-seong.

This is the ‘Pledge to Observe Obligations to Prohibit Concurrent Positions and Eliminate Corruption in Solar Power’ written by 23,000 KEPCO employees in June.

It contains information that executives and employees will not actually own or participate in the name of their family or acquaintances, as well as power business such as solar power generation in their own name.

KEPCO said, “I was pledged to re-emphasize,” and explained, “Be more careful because it can be misunderstood, and it is a level to care about such things even to acquaintances.”

However, it turns out that more than 100 employees are already being audited for the solar power business that started last year.

At least 180 KEPCO employees were identified as being subject스포츠토토 to audit by the Board of Audit and Inspection.

The Board of Audit and Inspection has conducted an audit of the ‘renewable energy business’ since October of last year and is looking into cases of unfair receipt of solar subsidies.

Previously, the Board of Audit and Inspection also revealed that it had confirmed about 250 suspected cases of misconduct in eight related institutions, including KEPCO.

KEPCO employees must comply with the duty not to hold concurrent positions in accordance with relevant laws and employment rules.

An industry insider said, “The solar power business was conducted mainly by individual operators or small complexes,” and “participation in the project by KEPCO employees may be in violation of regulations.”

KEPCO explained, “Just because it was done in the name of the employee’s family doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a problem,” and “it doesn’t matter if you don’t intervene.”

When asked if there were any employees who were disciplined for corruption in solar power and how many, if any, KEPCO said, “It is difficult to disclose.”

The Board of Audit and Inspection informed us that “it is an ongoing matter and cannot confirm details.”

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