“Leave the air conditioner on and go out?”… ‘Tips’ from Samsung developers

In the place where the 6th Typhoon ‘Kanun’ swept away, the heat came먹튀검증 again. However, if you use the air conditioner excessively because it is hot, you can easily hit the ‘electric bill bomb’. Is there any way to keep the temperature cool and comfortable while saving money?

According to the Samsung Electronics Newsroom on the 12th, Samsung Electronics’ air conditioner developers advised, “turning it off when you go out for more than 90 minutes, and leaving it on if you leave the house for less than 90 minutes can save electricity bills” as a ‘tip for using the air conditioner’ did.

In a paper presented at the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers conference, they compared experimental values ​​by time of outing to find out how much energy is saved when ‘the air conditioner is turned off and then turned on again’ and ‘when the air conditioner is kept running without turning it off’.

As a result, when the air conditioner was turned on again after going out for 30 minutes, compared to continuous operation, power consumption increased by 5%, and when going out for 60 minutes, it increased by 2%. Turning off the air conditioner and turning it on again after going out for more than 90 minutes reduced power consumption.

Im Seong-jin Pro said, “Recently, air conditioners are released with an ‘inverter method’ that automatically minimizes operation when the set temperature is reached. This is because turning the air conditioner off and on for a short time consumes more energy to lower the elevated indoor temperature again.” Explained.

Hwang Jun-pro said, “The larger the area of ​​the space, the larger the volume of the space to be cooled by the air conditioner, so energy consumption can be reduced by opening only the necessary space.”

As a result of comparing energy consumption according to the actual installation area (based on the air conditioner setting temperature of 24 degrees), energy consumption was 185% in the area of ​​81㎡, but 153% in 66㎡ and 100% in 45㎡.

Developers also advised to be careful when cooking oily dishes such as grilled fish or pork belly when the air conditioner is on.

Cho Hyung-kyu, a pro, said, “If you cook with a lot of oil, ‘oil vapor’ (oil mist) is generated. It can cause deterioration in performance and generation of unpleasant odors, so it is necessary to open windows for ventilation.”

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