47 guns and 20,000 rounds of ammunition found in US judge’s home

A large amount of firearms and ammunition were found in the home of a California judge who shot and killed his wife.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office, south of Los Angeles스포츠토토, California, said on the 11th local time that it has charged Orange County Court Judge Jeffrey Ferguson with felony charges related to the use of a firearm in the murder of his wife.

If convicted on all charges, Ferguson could face up to 40 years in prison.

Prosecutors also said police found and seized 47 firearms, including rifles, shotguns and handguns, and 26,000 rounds of ammunition in the process of executing a search warrant for Ferguson’s home.

However, it added that the 22-caliber rifle registered as being in Ferguson’s possession is missing.

Ferguson was arrested on suspicion of shooting and killing his wife, Cheryl Ferguson, at her home in Anaheim Hills, an upscale residential neighborhood in Orange County, on the 3rd.

According to documents filed with the court by prosecutors, Ferguson and his wife had an argument at a restaurant that evening and continued to argue after returning home, the Associated Press reported .

Ferguson’s son called 911 to report that his father had drank too much and shot his mother.

Ferguson was released on bail of $1 million the day after his arrest, and is scheduled to go through the indictment process on September 1st.

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