An octopus that flew to the 37th floor on a Kanun strong wind? Another fake picture appeared

Regarding the damage situation of the sixth typhoon ‘Kanun’ that passed through the Korean Peninsula토토사이트, ‘fake photos’ taken in the past are circulating online, and merchants are complaining about the damage.

A number of photos related to the Busan area, which Kanun hit with a robbery ‘river’, were discussed. On the 10th, pictures taken of past typhoon damages in Busan, such as last year’s typhoon ‘Hinnamno’, were manipulated and uploaded to famous online communities and KakaoTalk group chat rooms as if they were current damages.

As photos of the Busan damage become a hot topic in the community, related content is being created one after another on the YouTube channel. The fake video was also exposed on a news YouTube account of a broadcasting company.

All of them were found to be ‘fake’ made by stitching together photos of typhoon damage a few years ago, including Hinnamno. Photos taken in the vicinity of Millak-dong and Gwangalli Beach in Suyeong-gu, Busan, which occurred during Hinnamno, were posted with the posting date manipulated to the 10th.

Local merchants are in tears. Mr. Park (55), who runs a raw fish restaurant in Millak-dong, fortunately did not suffer any damage with her carnival, but said to Yonhap News that customers who saw the fake photos that even exposed her store name were experiencing losses in business, such as canceling reservations. poured out

It is not unusual for fake photos to appear when a major typhoon comes around. A picture of an octopus attached to the window of the 37th floor of a high-rise building in Marine City, Busan is one of the famous ‘fake pictures’ that are repeatedly uploaded every time a typhoon occurs.

It is not that there was no damage in the Busan area at all. The Busan Fire and Disaster Headquarters received 270 reports of damage as of 2:00 p.m. Damage to coastal windows due to strong winds was less common than in the past.

Meanwhile, Kanun crossed the truce line and crossed into North Korea around 1 am on the 11th. Kanun, which landed near Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, at around 9:20 am the previous day, stayed in Korea for about 16 hours and caused damage. There are no official casualties as of yet as a result of the typhoon.

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