A few months after the river dam was built… It collapsed in heavy rain and flooded the village

Let’s look into the situation in Daegu where one person died and one went missing yesterday (10th) when a lot of rain fell. In particular, the entire village of Gunwi-gun Byeong-su was submerged in water. Let’s find out what the situation is now. Connect on site.

Reporter Doo-Yeol Yoon, last night the village was less drained. How is it now?


Yes, when I showed you the scene last night, the entire village was covered with water.

Because of this, residents inside the house yesterday afternoon got out on fire boats.

As the typhoon passed and the rain stopped, the water began to recede back into the stream, and as the water drained overnight, the submerged village floor was now completely exposed.

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One person was found dead in this village yesterday.


Yes, now I can see rice fields that I couldn’t see yesterday.

A man in his 60s who was walking on a farm road was swept away by the current.

Firefighters found him in cardiac arrest and took him to the hospital, where he later died.


Why did the village suddenly fill with water?


A river runs next to the village.

This is the embankment that holds back the water of this river.

You can see that the middle of the embankment suddenly broke. When this embankment burst, the토토사이트 water from this side of the river poured into the village.

From early in the morning, the construction of blocking this embankment began.

The dam broke around noon yesterday, and this is when the typhoon passes right next to Daegu.

It was raining heavily, so the damage was great.

This dam burst, a dam that had been completed just a few months ago.

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One missing person came out of Daegu. Did the search work make any progress?


At around 1:45 pm yesterday, a man in his 60s went missing in Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu on an electric wheelchair.

An electric wheelchair was found in a nearby ditch, but the missing person has not yet been found.

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