“It’s a peach for the Jamboree members… The couple who stole two boxes”

At the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree site, there was an eyewitness story that a regular visitor stole some of the peaches given to the members.

Netizen A, who visited the Jamboree venue with her children as a daily visitor the day before, posted an article on the online community Bobaedream on the 8th titled ‘Jamboree members, the couple who stole two boxes of peaches, eat lots of X’.

Mr. A said, “I drove four hours and paid the entrance fee with my child and entered the Jamboree one day. Admission was also expensive. 20,000 won for adults, 10,000 won for children under the age of 13, free for residents of Jeollabuk-do.” He said, “For each booth, souvenirs are handed out or experienced, but the number of (souvenirs) is fixed, so it seemed difficult to give them all to the whole family. This is obviously an event centered on scouts, but there were people who dared to accept all of it.”

“At one booth, a lady in her 40s grabs souvenirs and shouts, ‘Is this all free, can I take it all? Seeing (the rotten smile) made me feel ashamed.”

Mr. A said, “(In another booth) there were peaches provided for the crew members to eat. I piled up a little in the Belgian camp that withdrew, but members took one by one, or guidance teachers from each country took one or two boxes토토사이트.” Because it’s common sense. Isn’t it provided so that children can eat at least some fruit when they are suffering? The quantity was not enough,” he said.

He continued, “But there was a family who stole two boxes of them and carried them home.” It was still cluttered, but it seemed like the atmosphere was passing quietly because I was afraid the atmosphere would deteriorate.”

He said, “I was going to say something to bring it down, but I just gave up. He said, “A person who can relate to such words would not have done such a thing in the first place, and it seemed that he would be more embarrassed if he went out loud for no reason,” he said.

Mr. A, however, said, “99.8% of the people donated local specialties, brought Korean souvenirs and handed them out, brought several boxes without knowing that there was an infinite supply of ice water, and worried about the children as soon as they entered.” I hope (the scouts) will eat delicious food, make a lot of friends, see a lot of good things, and go back safely so that they don’t waste their valuable time during the remaining time.”

When the article became a big issue, Mr. A posted an additional article saying, “I don’t know which region the person who took the peaches was. If you criticize a specific region, how is it different from the peach couple?” “The front-line police officers and Jamboree leaders were doing their best while sweating in the scorching sun. The reason why the police did not stop them may have been that they thought it was a product purchased at the Jeonbuk Special Products Exhibition Center,” he added.

He continued, “The vast majority of visitors to the Jamboree were polite, considerate, and had great viewing manners. The scouts were having fun in their own way, sharing culture, introducing their countries, and sharing badges and scarves despite the harsh environment,” he said. I just wanted to point out the wrongdoing of a very small number of people who lost their sense of citizenship as I witnessed it.”

Meanwhile, 36,000 Jamboree participants withdrew early on the 8th due to the northbound typhoon ‘Kanun’. They will stay at accommodations in each region of the country and experience various tour programs. The Jamboree schedule will conclude on the 11th with the closing ceremony and K-pop performance at Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

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