Was Kang Hyeong-wook right? A retriever who ran out after discovering a thief, ended up playing ‘aegyo’…

A video of a retriever who found a thief in the garage but missed 먹튀검증the thief while being nice to him was a hot topic.

On the 5th (local time), the San Diego Police Department released a closed-circuit ( CC ) TV video of a suspect in a bicycle theft worth $1,300 (about 1.7 million won) in a garage in a residential area on social network service ( SNS ). The video shows the suspect entering a garage with an open door, stealing a bicycle, and fleeing.

In the video, when the sound of moving a bicycle parked in the garage is heard, a dog that appears to be a golden retriever runs out of the house. The dog spots the suspect, approaches him wagging his tail, and then hangs on straight away.

The suspect drags the bike out, then comes back into the garage and starts petting the dog. He says “I like you too” and brings his face closer. The dog soon exposes its belly and lies down on the floor, showing off its charms. The suspect kept petting the dog and said, “Where is your dad?” “You left the garage door open.”

The retriever licked the suspect’s face, and the suspect laughed as if tickling. The video ends with the suspect again taking the bike and the retriever chasing after him. The dog found the thief first, but in the end did not catch the thief.

San Diego police said the suspect in the bike theft is a white male and asked for information to help identify the suspect.

Meanwhile, in the video released by the San Diego Police, the reaction that the retriever is cute was lined up. He also commented, ‘Maybe the thief was smart enough to capture it on camera’.

Previously, famous dog trainer Kang Hyung- wook introduced the characteristics of a retriever on the YouTube channel ‘Kang Hyung-wook’s Bodeum TV’, saying, “If a thief comes, he will tell you the location of the safe.”

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