The power of Typhoon ‘Kanun’ is this much… Situation of Okinawa scorched earth

Typhoon Kanun, the sixth typhoon with strong winds and heavy rain, is slowly heading north toward the Korean Peninsula after striking Okinawa and Kagoshima prefectures in southern Japan. According to Kyodo News and local broadcaster NHK

on the 8th, Kanun is expected to approach Kyushu in southwestern Japan on the 9th, then head north towards the Korean Peninsula and land on the south coast of Korea on the 10th. The typhoon’s central air pressure is 970 hPa (hectopascal), and the maximum wind speed near the center is 30 m/s. The maximum instantaneous wind speed is 40 m/s, and winds of more than 25 m/s are blowing in areas within a radius of 200 km from the center.The strength of the typhoon can be guessed by looking at the situation in Okinawa Prefecture, which was devastated by Kanun earlier. Looking at the photos and videos posted on X ( old Twitter), strong winds and flood damage are serious. The rain and wind blowing in all directions are threatening, and signboards, statues, and trees are damaged or torn by the strong wind.

Regions outside of Japan were also significantly affected. Flight cancellations and delays occurred at Osaka Itami Airport (domestic) in Honshu, which is relatively far away, and automobile manufacturer Mazda temporarily suspended operations at factories such as its Hiroshima headquarters in west Honshu. The Kyushu Shinkansen, which connects the north and the south of Kyushu, has also suspended train service.

Due to the influence of Kanun, it was predicted that there is a possibility of record-breaking heavy rain in Japan’s Amami region and southern Kyushu. The expected rainfall for 24 hours until 6:00 pm on the 8th is 300mm in Amami and southern Kyushu, 250mm in Shikoku, and 200mm in northern Kyushu.

Kanun headed eastward on the morning of the 7th, but was blocked by the Pacific high pressure and changed its course to the north, passing through Kyushu on the 9th and landing on the south coast of Korea around noon on the 10th.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that from the 9th먹튀검증 it would be in the area of ​​influence of Kanun. Kanun is expected to continue its north-northwest movement and land in Korea at 3 a.m. on the 10th while maintaining the current strength of the ‘river’ until the sea 180km south-southwest of Busan.

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