Thompson “Pool, loved all his life at GSW… All-Star potential”

Klay Thompson (33) expressed his feelings about Jordan Pool (24), who is about to leave the Golden State Warriors (hereinafter referred to as Golden State) and face a new challenge.

On the 7th (Korean time), Thompson appeared on a podcast hosted by NBA star Paul George and mentioned the pool.

Thompson, who rated Chris Paul as a good signing, said he had a hard time watching Poole leave. He said, “When I see JP (full nickname) stepping on the court, the thought ‘It will be special’ comes to mind. He was very important to us without Stephen [Curry] against Denver in the championship season토토사이트. So he will be loved for the rest of his life at Golden State.”

He went on to say that last week he trained with the Curry brothers and Scoot Henderson and Poole. “It was strange to see him in a Washington uniform,” Thompson said. But he, like Stephen, is my little brother. He will continue to thrive and make me happy.”

As Thompson noted, Poole was instrumental in winning the Golden State Dynasty’s fourth championship. Based on these performances, his salary was significantly increased and a huge extension contract was signed with the team, but the quarrel with Green in the preseason was too great to overcome. Therefore, he had no choice but to pursue the next season after being knocked out by the LA Lakers in the playoffs.

Golden State traded Paul in an offseason move, sending Poole, Patrick Baldwin Jr., Ryan Rollins and future draft picks to Washington.

It seems that the relationship between Green and Pool has not yet been resolved, but the Splash Brothers (Curry, Thompson) and Pool have started joint training.

Thompson, who watched Poole at the training ground, predicted that he would make a big deal in Washington, saying, “He definitely has All-Star potential.”

He said, “In the playoffs of the championship season, he averaged 17 points and scored close to 180 clubs (50% field goal success rate, 40% 3 point success rate, 90% free throw success rate).” Washington, which has them, has future All-Stars.”

Although the two are no longer teammates, it is clear that Thompson wishes the best for Poole and his success.

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