“We have developed a drug that kills all cancerous tumors”

On August 1 (local time), the City of Hope National Medical Center메이저사이트, a leading cancer treatment and research institute in the United States, announced that it has developed a targeted chemotherapy drug that can kill all solid malignant tumors (cancer tumors) in preclinical studies.

The preclinical research mentioned in the presentation was published in the form of a paper in the Journal of Cell Chemical Biology. The aforementioned drug ( AOH1996 ) is an oral, small-molecule proliferating cell nuclear antigen ( PCNA ) inhibitor used to inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells . According to a preclinical study report, researchers tested AOH1996 in

more than 70 cancer cell lines and several groups of normal cells , and the clinical trial regimen blocked cells with damaged DNA from dividing and prevented the replication of defective DNA . As a result, AOH1996 was found to induce apoptosis (or apoptosis) of cancer cells without interfering with the reproductive cycle of healthy stem cells. Clinical trial photos provided by the City of Hope National Medical Center showed significant changes in the state of cancer cells before and after drug administration. AOH1996 confirmed the drug’s potential through animal experiments

has also entered the phase 1 clinical trial to test the drug’s safety and recommended dosage. According to the US Clinical Trials Database, this clinical trial phase is expected to be completed by the end of March next year. In other words, in about a year or so, we will be able to see data on drug use in real patients.

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