Passengers ‘panic’ after mistaken report… 7 injured while evacuating

Yesterday evening, there were reports of ‘gas leaks’ and ‘riots’ in the subway.

It was a mistaken report, but seven people were injured in the process of evacuating passengers.

An online community posted a trailer for the Jeju Airport terrorism, and the police launched an investigation.

This is Reporter Song Jae-won, an overnight incident.

◀ Report ▶

Police and firefighters are standing among the crowd, and a person is lying on a stretcher.

At around 8:30 yesterday evening, a report of a suspected gas leak was received by the fire department, saying, “There is a strange smell in the train on Line 9 heading toward Gimpo Airport Station.”

Afterwards, when the train stopped at Sinnonhyeon Station, some passengers메이저사이트 evacuated in a hurry, and seven people suffered scratches and bruises in the process.

Police and firefighters looked inside the train and confirmed that there was no gas leak.

At the same time, a report was received to the police that “there is a riot in Sinnonhyeon Station”, which was also confirmed as a false report.


Around 9:00 last night, an article was posted on an online community foreshadowing the Jeju International Airport bombing and riot with a weapon, and the police launched an investigation.

Police commandos searched the airport and found no explosives.


During the night, 90mm of heavy rain fell in Goseong, Gangwon Province, resulting in flood damage.

[Jang Hyun-ki / Resident of Goseong, Gangwon-do]
“I’m 180 cm tall, too. I also had water up to my pelvis, so I really wanted something to happen with this…”

Gangwon Fire Headquarters reported 37 cases of flooding in Goseong alone from 6:00 pm yesterday to 2:00 am this morning. A report of damage has been received, he said.

This is MBC News Song Jae-won.

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