‘Alpensia Bid Fixing Suspicion’ Choi Moon-soon and KH Bae Sang-yoon conspired?

Prosecutors seem to prosecute Moon-soon Choi… “Prosecution is possible even without Bae Sang-yoon, who is fleeing

” in danger of being handed over. It is about whether Gangwon-do gave preferential treatment to the KH Group in the Alpensia bidding process. The prosecution, which is investigating related allegations, recently summoned former governor Choi and conducted an intense investigation. Prosecutors explained that it is possible to prove the charges against former governor Choi without investigating Bae Sang-yoon, chairman of KH Group, who is fleeing abroad . In fact , it is said that statements that can make suspicion of collusion were secured, such as former governor Choi Moon-soon telling the KH Group the lowest bid price. The former governor denied all of her allegations. However, she has been at the center of several controversies related to the operation of the province, from the suspicion of Alpensia to the selection of ‘King of Jeonse Fraudulent Architecture’ a

Securing the statement “Send me a personal letter and let me know the bid price”

Alpensia has gone through several ups and downs since its creation. In 2006, the Gangwon-do Development Corporation invested 1.5 trillion won in the area of ​​Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, and promoted the Alpensia Resort development project. The goal is to create golf villages, resort villages, and winter sports districts. Alpensia opened in 2009 after twists and turns, including a liquidity crisis and design changes. The situation has changed dramatically since 2018. This is because Gangwon-do decided to sell Alpensia due to financial difficulties after the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Accordingly, Gangwon-do conducted four open bidding and two private contracts. But all were overlooked. Only in June 2021, the final successful bidder was selected through a competitive bidding method. It was KH Gangwon Development, a special purpose corporation ( SPC ) affiliated with the KH Group , which spent 680.071 billion won as a bid . At the time, only KH Gangwon Development and KH REITs (now Pyeongchang Ritz) participated in the bidding . Suspicion of ‘jjamjjami’ was raised as to whether KH Group affiliates participated in consideration of the fact that a single bid could result in a failed bid . In this regard, suspicions are also raised that there may have been information sharing between former Governor Choi Moon-soon and the KH Group. Prosecutors said former Governor Choi and the KH Group were

It is suspected that they colluded in advance to present Ritz as a false bidder, and then exchanged bidding information. It is known that the statement of the person in charge of the sale that can support this has also been secured. It is said that former Governor Choi sent a personal letter to KH and informed them of the minimum bid amount at the time of the 4th bidding. Prosecutors believe that former governor Choi met with Bae Sang-yoon, chairman of KH Group, at the Hyatt Hotel in Namsan, Seoul, before bidding, and leaked bidding information.

Prosecutors conducted a recent subpoena investigation following a seizure and search of former governor Choi Moon-soon’s home in December of last year. On the morning of July 28, the Violent Crime Investigation Department (Chief Shin Joon-ho) of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, which is investigating the Alpensia bid-rigging suspicion, summoned former Governor Choi and investigated for about 13 hours. It is said that the prosecution questioned former Governor Choi about whether he was involved in the bidding process by colluding with KH before the Alpensia bid and leaking bidding information. Prosecutors are expected to review the details of the investigation into former governor Choi before handing him over to trial. An official from the Ministry of Violence explained, “It is possible to prove the charges against former Governor Choi without an investigation into Chairman Bae Sang-yoon, an accomplice.” Chairman Bae has been staying in Southeast Asia for business reasons for over a year. Two group employees who helped Chairman Bae escape abroad are currently on trial.

Former Governor Choi Moon-soon denied all related allegations. On the day of the investigation, former Governor Choi said, “The document of the ‘Negotiation (draft) for the sale of Alpensia (which is said to have informed us of the bid price)’ is not a secret document, but the price that was disclosed to the media and questioned by the메이저사이트 provincial council.” There was none,” he explained. She also refuted the ‘suspicion of selling at a low price’. Former Governor Choi said, “(Alpensia) has a lot of debt and the debt increases the more it is operated, so I contacted about 120 companies to sell them and persuaded them of the unfortunate situation.” It is a system that cannot give or do (information to the KH side ) .”

At that time, Gangwon-do’s special interest in the ‘sale of Alpensia’ can be seen in the personnel affairs. Looking at the results of Gangwon-do’s ‘inspection to establish public office discipline before and after the 2023 Lunar New Year’ in July, Gangwon-do Development Corporation employee A was listed as a subject of disciplinary action for reasons such as △inappropriate management and operation of public vehicles and △violation of the code of conduct . Gangwon-do Development Corporation received these ‘2021 Gangwon-do Development Corporation regular financial audit results’ in February 2022. However, in the same month, instead of disciplinary action against Mr. A, a personnel committee was held to review the promotion. Even A received a reward. In April 2022, Gangwon-do received a recommendation from the Gangwon-do Development Corporation for the “Civilian Provincial Governor Reward (1 person) related to the sale of Alpensia.” Gangwon-do Development Corporation recommended Mr. A, Mr. A received a commendation from the governor of Gangwon in May of the same year. KH

bought AlpensiaBae Sang-yoon, chairman of the group, has an inseparable relationship with Kim Seong-tae, former chairman of Ssangbangul Group. The former members of a gang are known for their close relationship, such as being tried together in the 2010-11 case of stock price manipulation of the Ssangbangwool Group and lending money. Former chairman Kim Seong-tae has been arrested and indicted on charges of breach of trust, embezzlement, and bribery, including suspicion of paying attorney fees to Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myeong and suspicion of remittance to North Korea in relation to Lee Hwa-young, former vice-governor of peace in Gyeonggi-do (arrest indictment).

s the developer of the East Sea project.

Even those involved in Dongjacheong were accused by the police

. This is not the only suspicion surrounding former governor Choi Moon-soon. The name of former Governor Choi was also mentioned in relation to the ‘Cheonse Fraud King Case’. Nam Heon-gi, the main culprit of the ‘Incheon Michuhol-gu charter fraud’ that led to the death of the victim, was selected as a developer of the Donghae Mangsang District in the past. However, suspicions were raised that Donghae E-City International Complex Tourism City Development (Donghae E-City), led by Mr. Nam, won the right to develop Mangsang District 1 with false data (March 17, <‘Architecture King’, Gangwon development project with charter money…” Choi Moon-soon’s Great Movement”>, June 16, <‘The King of Architecture’, now with Choi Moon-soon… See the article “Find the Criminal Asylum”>).

Naturally, former governor Choi Moon-soon’s administration of the province was on the cutting board. As a result of a specific audit by the Gangwon-do Audit Committee, several violations were confirmed in the process of selecting Donghae E-City as a developer by the East Coast Free Economic Zone Authority (Dongjacheong). In June, the Pan-Citizen Emergency Response Committee (Chairman Jeon Eok-chan) of Dongjacheong Mangsang District said, “In the past three years, the same contents as this audit result have been repeatedly raised dozens of times, but Choi Moon-soon and Dojeong-eun found ‘no problem’ as a result of their own audit. covered,” he said. After the audit, Gangwon-do requested the National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency to investigate the former governor Choi and others related to Dongjacheong. Former Governor Choi also denied the suspicion, saying, “It was an issue that had already been cleared of suspicion by the prosecution in the past.”

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