Deokbae Kim, who also fell in love with Sunmi… The reason for one shot of soju at the Shindorim early football club

Kevin De Bruyne (32, Belgium), a world-renowned midfielder of Manchester City in the English Premier League, made a surprise appearance on a Korean variety show.메이저사이트

At the Shindorim Early Football Association dak galbi restaurant after party, Korean seniors called The Brawiner, who played the youngest member, “Kim Deok-bae.” When The Brawiner slows down the errands of bringing kimchi, the seniors say, “Leave it alone. He scolded him, saying, “You’re slow even when you play soccer.” The Bruwiner poured soju with both hands and received the soju glass with both hands. When the drink overflowed, he quickly put his mouth on the glass. Then, he turned over chicken ribs and adapted to the early soccer culture and Korean culture.

When asked, “How old have you been playing soccer?” De Bruyne raised four fingers. “Has it only been four months? When De Bruyne answered “Belgium (Belgium)” to the question “Who did you learn it from?”, the answer came back, “Where is Belzum?” He nodded his head, saying, “Yes.. Yep” in a trembling voice at the reprimand, “Don’t ever dribble.” Then he acted as if he was wiping away tears.

Left alone in the seat, The Bruiner takes a one-shot of the bitter soju. Then, he said in Korean, “Soccer .. is difficult.” The Brawiner perfectly acted as the intimidated youngest in the early football club where the culture of seniors and juniors was clear.

Domestic soccer fans were amused, saying, “The world’s best soccer player is the youngest member of the early soccer club,” “It looks like a surprise actor,” and “The acting is also world-class.” Also, in an official interview, The Bruiner said, “I didn’t know much about the nickname ‘Kim Deok-bae’. good to hear. Isn’t that right?” He laughed. He even burst out laughing after meeting Typhoon (a former basketball player) dressed as Neymar.

The Brawiner visited Korea on the 30th of last month at the invitation of Coupang Play for the match between Man City and Atletico Madrid held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. De Bruyne missed the European Champions League final in June with a torn hamstring. Instead, he appeared in Korean variety shows.The Brawiner also made a surprise appearance as a special MC on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’, which aired on the 3rd. The Brawiner said, “K-pop and Man City seem to have similarities. It puts on amazing shows every time and has the best fans all over the world.”Although he was criticized in the corner of the early football club, De Bruyne is considered one of the best midfielders in Premier League history. He’s like Paul Scholes, but he’s rated as fast as Steven Gerrard. After moving to Man City in 2015, he led the Premier League championship five times and achieved a treble (three crowns) last season.

He is also the ‘favorite (most beloved) player’ of director Bong Joon-ho of the movie Parasite. Director Bong once picked The Brawiner, the ‘Artist of the Ground’, along with film directors Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, former figure skater Yuna Kim, and guitarist Jimmy Page as ‘the five people he would like to invite to the Last Supper’. De Bruyne, who spreads beautiful passes that seem to split the ground, is called the ‘artist of the ground’.

Singer Seon-mi, who is famous as a Man City fan, visited the home stadium at the invitation of Manchester City last year and took pictures with The Bruiner. Sunmi once left a message saying, “Deokbae is the best.”

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