Choi Min-hee, the nominee for the Korea Communications Commission, “Incapacitated the Korea Communications Commission? It’s not realistic”

As of the 5th, for the 128th day, Choi Min-hee, a former member of the Democratic Party of Korea and a member of the Standing Committee of the Korea Communications Commission, objected, saying that the press organization’s request to ‘incapacitate the Korea Communications Commission’ was unrealistic and wrong from the premise.

On the 4th, former lawmaker Choi Min- hee said in a YouTube live interview on MBC Radio <Kim Jong-bae’s Attention>, “‘Kim Hyun resigns as a standing member and I declare that I will not do it. , This argument was made under the premise that the KCC cannot make any decisions with two members,” he said. “As a result of legal interpretation, even two members can vote and the KCC is rolling. The premise itself is unrealistic. The KCC is not incapacitated. “claimed.

Previously, seven media working groups, including the National Press Labor Union, Korea Journalists Association, Broadcasting Journalists Association, Korea Video Journalists Association, Korea PD Association, Korea Broadcasting Technicians Association, and Korea Broadcasting Cinematographers Association, made a statement on the 3rd, saying, “In the legal world, the number of quotas is 5 There is a view that if a resolution is made when the number of masters in the KCC is less than half, the anti-democratic nature that goes against the purpose of the establishment of a consensus body is clear, and it is invalid . “

Organizations working in the media argued, “There is no other way than to stop the Korea Communications Commission, which has lost its role and function as a consensus organization, in order to prevent a repeat of the unfortunate history of media control that even mobilized the National Intelligence Service메이저사이트 and indiscriminate discipline and dismissal of journalists.” However, former lawmaker Choi Min-hee insisted, “The opposition party’s check on broadcasting and telecommunication policy decisions is absolute. Almost all of the cabinets in the Republic of Korea are single, but only two members of the Korea Communications Commission have the share of the opposition party recommended by the National Assembly.” . At the same time, she argued, “it is right that the two members of the opposition committee recommended by the law fight inside and fight outside again.”

Former lawmaker Choi appeared on KBS radio <Joo Jin-woo Live> on the 4th and argued, “The prevailing opinion is that a meeting is possible with two standing members.” . Former Congressman Choi also argued that the situation in which President Yoon is currently delaying his appointment is a “violation of the Act on the Establishment of the Korea Communications Commission.”

When will the 3-member system of the Korea Communications Commission…In the midst of this, MBC said on the <News Desk> on the 4th, “Last March, the Democratic Party recommended former lawmaker Choi Min-hee as a standing member of the Korea Communications Commission, and the opposition party passed the National Assembly alone. “The Ministry of Government Legislation said that it usually takes about two months for an authoritative interpretation, but the authoritative interpretation of former Congressman Choi began as of today,” he said. day,” he reported.

MBC said, “In the meantime, Korea Communications Commissioner Han Sang-hyeok, who was appointed by the previous government, was dismissed, and now the Korea Communications Commission is being operated by three people, two from the ruling party and one from the opposition.” They carried out the collection. They pushed ahead with the dismissal of KBS director Seok-nyeon Yoon, and they also enforced inspection and supervision of the Broadcasting Culture Promotion Association, which is the largest shareholder of MBC . They are even pushing for the simultaneous dismissal of the two directors of public broadcasting, KBS and MBC .”

Recently, several members of the Democratic Party, including Supreme Council member Jeong Cheong-rae, have launched a public opinion campaign demanding the immediate appointment of former lawmaker Choi Min-hee, but it is unlikely that President Yoon will accept the Democratic Party’s request. Currently, after dismissing the chairman of the two major public broadcasting stations in a three-person structure, candidate Lee Dong-gwan, who passed the hearing, is appointed as the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, and when the successors of the standing committee members Hyo-jae Kim and Hyun Kim, whose terms end on the 23rd, pass the plenary session of the National Assembly, Choi Jeon It is highly likely that the 6th KCC system will be established in a ‘3 to 2’ structure by appointing lawmakers . At the point of view, the end of August is likely.

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