90kg obese while doing research at university… “I fell in love after dropping out” Chinese woman topic

The story of a Chinese graduate student who was engrossed in research메이저사이트 all day and recorded a weight of 90 kg in just one semester was told. The graduate student reportedly gave up his studies to lose weight and returned to his former slim figure. Regarding dropping out of graduate school, he said, “I lost weight, so I have no regrets.”

The South China Morning Post ( SCMP ), a Hong Kong media, reported on the 2nd (local time) the anecdote of ‘Shang’, a woman from Zhejiang Province in eastern China. Shang was a student at a nearby graduate school, but a year ago she abruptly dropped out of her studies.

Earlier, she said, during her graduate school years, Shang was working day and night in her laboratory for research and studies. She said that because of this, her weight went up to 90 kg in one semester. In China’s famous social network service ( SNS ), ‘Weibo’, pictures of her body during her school days were also released.

Under the stress of being overweight, Shang eventually gave up graduate school to focus on weight loss. In an interview with a Chinese media outlet, he said, “I was suffering from obesity due to overwork.”

It was not an easy decision to give up graduate school graduation, which had been prepared for a long time. However, the extreme stress from his weight gain and health problems were more important to Shang.

After giving up graduate school, Shang started doing high-intensity exercises such as exercise, swimming, badminton, and stair climbing, while maintaining a low-calorie diet. As a result, after a year, her weight dropped from 90 kg to 65 kg.

“She has no regrets” about giving up her degree, she said, adding that she “feels rather good”.

Meanwhile, Shang’s story became very popular among Chinese netizens through ‘Weibo’ and others. Shang’s posts have been viewed approximately 1.3 million times.

Some even pointed out the culture of overwork in graduate schools in China. One netizen said, “It’s just unfortunate that it’s an environment where you have to do research until your body and mind are in ruins.”

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